About us

Hi... We're a couple goobers with a passion for climbing and mountaineering. We love the history of the sport. More specifically, we really really love the history of the sport in the western United States. The dreamers, the dope-smoking Stonemasters, the dirtbags and fun-hoggers, the legends who walked the Valley floor. With great reverence for those who paved this path before us, we begin our story.

Our first project was to find Sheridan Anderson. We'd seen his art on the cover of Summit magazine and in Royal Robbins' Rockcraft books. As it turns out, Sherry, moved on from this world in 1984. But he's survived by his wonderful sister-in-law and nieces. We were able to reach Sheridan's family and worked with his brother, Michael, to digitize boxes of Sheridan's slides, letters and doodle and to retell the story of the great climbing illustrator!

The goal here is to make exceptional product with the most minimal environmental footprint. We are working to be alchemists of apparel-- taking existing garbage, old and battered, and turning it into re-envisioned gold.