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Brett Flanigan's Zero Player Game

Brett Flanigan's show at Part 2 Gallery in Oakland, opened on March 9, 2019 and runs through April 5, 2019. Here's a repost of the Juxtapoz article on Brett.


"Pt. 2 Gallery is opening a solo exhibition of paintings by Oakland-based artist Brett Flanigan titled Zero Player Game. The exhibition title is a reference to the mathematician John Horton Conway's Game of Life, a 1970 mathematical simulation where, given an initial state and a set of simple rules, a black and white grid evolves endlessly in ways that are seemingly organic and operate...

Prince Buster "Consider Me"/Jeff Barnes "Moon Walk" Split Promo 7" 1969

Oh lordy! Thursday evening tunes to get you through Friday and into our first spring weekend!

"Side A is also known as "Moon Walk" and was released in the UK as "Let Her Go" on the Fab label (FAB 119).

Side B is a cover of the Eddie Floyd soul ballad, Consider Me." -JohnnyCool, 45cat


Devin Briggs, Spring Days in Socal (Pt II)

Spring is here!

Devin Briggs gets us in the moood with more pictures from the other side of Weird. Be sure to check out more of his work here and follow him on Instagram.

Devin Briggs, Spring days in SoCal

Devin Briggs explores the land and creatures of Southern California with an eye pointed towards the Obscure. The how-did-that-come-to-be? and the who-would-ever-do-that? are constant questions he poses. Super pleased to present some of Devin's recent photos. And damn, we love them!


 Part one below.

Devin Briggs ©2019
Devin Briggs ©2019Devin Briggs ©2019
Devin Briggs ©2019
Devin Briggs ©2019Devin Briggs ©2019 Read the article